Saturday, November 23, 2013

RAGE Review

I got to play RAGE when it was available for free last weekend, and it sucked.
RAGE is a scripted rail-shooter by id Software that tries to be Borderland.

That game have such bad game design, it amazed me.

Invisible walls EVERYWHERE
If I want to jump over a fence, let me jump over a fence! I know falling is dangerous! This totalitarian, limiting game design that "knows better" than the gamer is awful!
Let me make mistakes! Give me the freedom to be wrong! That's part of a game!

Boring shooting gallery combat
Enemies just camp on their spot. I can stand behind a wall forever and no one will try to get me.
All the combat scenarios are scripted. You can't sneak up on enemies. You can't flank. You can't avoid encounters. You can't do fucking shit but just standing and shooting almost static targets.

Boring unskippable "story"
I don't care about the vapid speeches the NPCs have for me. I want to get to the action! Let me skip that bullshit!
You want me to shoot some bandits? Cool! Just shut the fuck up and give me the gun.
Also the second mission was an errand missions. Errand missions are clear indication of a shitty game design, made by a "game designer" that doesn't know shit.

Flawed music system
The music loop just jumps back to the beginning when it reaches the end.
If you can't figure out how to make seamless music loops at least use fade in and out!

Can't pick up weapons
What the FUCK!? Why can't I just pick up a gun and use it!? Why do I have to complete a mission to get one!?
At this point I quit the game and delete it. About 30 minutes in. This is too much bullshit to keep up with.

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