Saturday, November 7, 2009

GZDoom Network Game v1.3

Here is a batch file I've made to make GZDoom network gaming easier and simple task.
This batch file automaticly setup and run a network game or let you join one.
Unlike the previous versions of this batch file, this one support WADS that replace levels.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to record with DOSBox

Here I'll show you how to record with DOSBox.

How to start and stop recording:
To start recording press Ctrl+Alt+F5, to stop recording press Ctrl+Alt+F5 again.
It's very easy and simple!

Installing the codec:
DOSBox using zMotion codec. to install it open the start menu>All Programs>DOSBox>Video>Install movie codec

Here is a pic from dosbox's wiki site:

Another option is to use a media player that's able to play the records.

For more info you can look here:


How to use DOSBox

DOSBox is a program that let you run old games on modern computers, its a very useful tool but you have to know how to use it. In this guide I'll teacher you how to navigate in DOSBox.

Lets say I want to play One Must Fall 2097. Without DOSBox the game will run slowly.
The .EXE file to run the game located in D:\OMF\OMF.EXE

First we have to mount drive D:. If we won't mount it DOSBox won't be able to find it.
The command line to mount D: is "mount d d:\".
you can replace "d" with any other drive letter.

Now when drive D: is mounted, we need to navigate to "D:\OMF\". To do so, first of all we go to drive D: by entering the command "D:".
Next we type "cd omf". The "cd" command used to open folders.

Now we are inside "D:\OMF\", next thing to do is to open OMF.EXE .
To do so simply write "omf" or "omf.exe".
That's all!

here is a pic how it looks like:

Have a good time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

MAME32 emulator setup guide

Well, after spending over a hour with my friend how to make the MAME32 emulator run Metal Slug 3.
So, I'll make a step by step guide that will show you how to make games such as Metal Slug 3 work on the MAME32 emulator:

Step 1:
First of all you have to download and unzip the MAME emulator, I got MAME32 0.90u1 version but I believe you can use newer version.
MAME download:

Step 2:
Now you need to download a file called "", inside your MAME32 emulator folder you got a folder called "roms", place the "" file inside the "roms" folder and DON'T unzip it!
geo-neo download:
or just google it.

Step 3:
Now you need a game, you simply download a game and place it in the "roms" folder, the game have to be zipped, DON'T unzip it!
you have to make sure the file's name is currect, when you enter the emulator, find your game, right click and choose properties.
At the general tab you will have the game's title and the file's name between "" under it, make sure the zip file got the same name or else the emulator won't find it!

This is pretty much all, now you should be able to run any game on the MAME32 emulator!
Have fun!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Insurgency - reloading glitch

Here is a funny glitch in Insurgency.
This glitch will twist your legs while you proning, you might seen that thing before, but never knew how to do it...

to preform this glitch you need to shot few bullets, so you will be able to reload.
next step is proning, after you prone reload your weapon and quickly stand up, while you are reloading your weapon.
That's all!

You wont feel anything strange, but others will see your legs twisting for a moment.
My friend recorded me preforming this glitch and uploaded a moive that include the glitch
2:15 is the glitch part

Have fun!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

X-COM: UFO Defense Diplomacy Editor v1.0

Your X-COM saved game stuck because a lot of countries signed pact with the aliens? don't want to start all over again? here is your solution!

Another editor that I've made for X-COM: UFO Defense, diplomacy editor, its able to tell you the satisfaction rating of each country, and if the country will sign a pact at the end of the month, and you will able to edit those things!

It's pretty simple, pretty small, but sure its useful!



To run this program, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package is required:


Sunday, July 26, 2009

X-COM: UFO Defense Weapons Editor

Hi guys! after I made the elerium editor I've learned some more programming(I'm still a noob) and made weapons editor, it let you to edit 11 stats:
Name, damage, ammo damage type, ammo(clip size), accuracy, TU use, priority, size, HE damage to destroy, weight and scoring points! You can make super strong weapons with this editor, or balance the weapon the way you think they should be.
The editor can edit 34 different weapons, including earth weapons, alien weapons, clips and grenades!

DO NOT EDIT THE NAME, it will fuck up the game, and it doesn't change the displayed name!
Also there is a bug with the pistol clip, it can't display any info and seems that you can't edit it.

An image of the editor:

You may want to backup the file UFO\GEODATA\OBDATA.DAT, its the file the program edit.

To run this program, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package is required:

Enjoy editing your weapon!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

X-COM: UFO Defense Elerium-155 v1.1

Hey guys, I've been working on the elerium editor and learned some more programming so I can make the editor much simpler, now all you got to do is to type in the amount of elerium you want! 100% working, unlike the fist version...

here is a pic:


To run this program, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package is required:

now when I know how to do it the simple way, i can do such a editor for everything in the game! just need the time and nerve to do it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

X-COM: UFO Defense Elerium-155 editor by yoni0505

You may want to see the newer v1.1 here:

Hey, I haven't posted for a while... well I've made a simple program for the first X-COM game that can edit the amount of elerium you got, yep!


you got to place the editor in you saved game folder, run it, and type in the new values of the elerium's bytes! next time you will load your game you will have the amount you entered! well its hard to tell how much you will have, but it doesn't really matter does it? just keep the second byte's value not higher then 121 and everything will be just fine... ;)


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CS:S - mod I've made, assassination

Well I've made this mod few weeks ago, and called it assassination
you can find it here:

there is a description in the link, but I'll add it to here too

assassination mod by yoni0505

each round a random player from each team picked to be the "target", and the targets names will be told in the chat.
each team must kill the opposite target to win the round or do objective like bomb or hostages.
when the "target" get killed, all of his team get killed too, so the team must protect the "target"!

well that's pretty much it, hope you will enjoy it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

MU guide - fighting with a summon

If you choose to be an energy elf, your ability to fight by yourself is limited, earning EXP usually based on parties, and you might find that summons are not very effective, because they always have to chase their targets and hardly manage to make them fight back because the monsters chase you.
so here I'll give you a tip how to fight using a summon.

First let's see what is the problem:
When you try to fight using a summon, you usually run away, the monster chase you, and your summon chase the monster. It looks like this:

summon -> monster -> you -> escape the monster

So your summon can't fight the monster, to give him chance to hit, and even make the monster fight him back all you need to do is to chase your summon and stay close to him.

summon -> monster -> you -> summon

The best way to make a monster fight back your summon is to make the monster go forward the summon and face him, to do that you need to stand behind your summon while the monster stand in front of him, this way your summon and the monster will go forward each other, your summon will attack and the monster fight back.

you - summon -><- monster

If you will do it this way you will see that even using the summon only to fight is a good way to earn EXP, also I think when your summon kills a monster by his own you earn 33% more exp!

It also recommended to buff your summon, it means that when you get stronger your summon get stronger too, so he won't be useless in higher levels.
Also things become easier when you get the soldier, because he got ranged attack, so it isn't suc a big deal to get him to attack monsters.

Hope you find it useful!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

X-COM tutorial - what is the best thing to manufacture and sell

I'm sure a lot of players manufacture items in X-COM to sell them and earn money, but do they manufacture the best item for selling? the one that makes the best profit?
Well, here I'll show how to find out what is the best item to make and sell!

To find out what is the best item to make and sell, you need to find out how much money you earn per hour you spend on manufacturing this item.
I've made an simple algorithm to calculate how much profit you make per hour of manufacturing a specific item
The algorithm is:
Selling Value - Cost To Produce
__________________________ = Profit Per Hour
Hours To Produce

just to make it shorter:
_______ = PPH

This way you can find out what is worth to make and sell, so far the best item i found in X-COM1 is laser cannon, here I'll show how I calculate the laser cannon's Profit Per Hour or PPH
SV = 211,000
CTP = 182,000
HTP = 300

Now when we got all the info we need:

211,00 - 182,000
______________ =

______ = 96.666

So the laser cannon PPH is 96.666! it means you earn 96.666$ per hour of engineer work, for example if you got 10 engineers working on laser cannon you earn 966.66$ per hour! Of course you will actually earn all the money after you will finish manufacturing the items and selling them.


MU tip - non-drop items

You might notice that when you can't drop items +5 from your inventory, only sell them. But this also apply in case of death, when you die you can't drop items +5 or higher, also excellent items can't be dropped from your inventory,about wings I already saw someone dropping wings +0 in case of death in private server, this tip is very useful when you got expensive set, or if you want to PK, so you won't loose anything when you die!
Also it's good to know that you may drop something only if you killed by a monster, guard, hero or a commoner.

GTA:SA trick - fast reload

This trick is very simple and useful, instead of waiting to reload when your weapon's clip is empty you can simply switch weapon and switch back again. When you switch to any other weapon your previous weapon's clip will become full again, so you don't have to reload.
This trick is common in the multiplayer, with dual sawn-off shotguns, because reloading them takes a while, so people shoot only 2 shots (out of 4) and then switch to some other weapon and back to sawn-off, this way they don't have to wait!

I hope you find it useful!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MU guide - party

Hello again! here I'll explain what is party and how to give it a GOOD USE!
OK, so party is a group of players, between 2 to 5 members in one party, when you are in party, you can see info about the other party members, health and coordinates, if the party member is in your range ( a bit more then your range of view) and if he is under Elf protection buff.
You can press "P" to open the party window.

The health you can see as a bars above your party members and at the top right corner of the screen, which tell you how much % of hp they got, if will show only 10's for example:100%, 90%, 80%, 40%...
You can also see the correct amount of hp of the party members if you open the party window, it will show correct HP/max HP.

You can see the party members coordinates at the party window, its hard to tell where they are using the coordinates, but you can use it to walk to their direction.

If a party member is out of your range witch is a bit more then your view, his name background at the top right corner of the screen will become red, and when he will get back in the range it will become gray again.

When an Elf give a protection buff to one of the party members, his name background at the top right corner of the screen will become green, when the buff is over it will become gray again.

The main reason for parties is the EXP share, when you are in party, when someone kill a monster the EXP shared between the party members, but the highest level get more EXP then others, and the lowest level get less EXP then others.
Also the party include DK, ELF, and DW, the party will earn EXP boost, here is a table of the EXP rates with DK+ELF+DW and without:


I'm not sure the rates are 100% correct but you get the idea. Also the rates may be different between servers.

The fact that the highest level get most EXP is very useful, it means that high level players can party with lower levels then them to earn more EXP, this way bought sides win, the low levels which usually stuck between strong monsters to weak monsters that give low EXP find joining a party with high level against strong monsters as a good way to earn EXP, and high levels which get low EXP from weaker monsters then them, and usually takes them a while to kill monsters in their own level find joining a party with low levels against weaker monsters then them that takes usually 3-4 hits to kill a fast way to earn EXP.

I hope you find it useful!

GTA:SA trick - more then one car in one garage

Hi there, I'm back after 2 weeks, ok here i'll explain how to put more then one car in one garage, it's very useful trick if you like to have a lot of vehicles, so lets start its very simple.

First you come with a car, you go near the garage until the door open up, then don't enter the gargae and exit your car, the car shall keep the garage's door open.

Next step is to enter the garage with a different car, because the first car holding the garage's door open, you should have no problem to enter many vehicles as you want, if you got the space.

The last step is after you enter all what you wanted inside the garage, you take the first car and if you like to keep it, enter the garage with her, and if you just took her to open the garage's door, take the car away from the garage and the door will close.

That's it, now you shall be able to fill your garage with cars, enjoy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phun Rifle

Do you know that physics game called Phun? Well I got a video of a rifle i made in it, funny thing is that the original song I wanted to use was blocked because of copyrights XD

Aliens VS predator 2 tutorial - multiplayer bypass

This tutorial is outdated. Here's an updated working tutorial:
Aliens Vs. Predator 2 - How To Play Multiplayer Using "Project Savior"

To play AVP2 multiplayer you need serial key. If you downloaded the game AVP2 and didn't bought it you wont have one, and the serials you can find on the internet are banned or taken. But there is still a way to play the multiplayer without buying the game!

Sierra shut down master servers for some games including AVP2's. (article about it)
Don't worry! There is a solution!
A mod called "Project Savior" that provide alternative master server!
You can find it on ModDB here:

Patch your game to the latest verion, it won't harm.

You will need to enter serial, it doesn't matter if its taken or banned.
Here is a list of serials that you can use:

After you enter one of the serials in the game, the next step is to download a program called XFIRE, this is gaming program, include chat, voice chat, game recording, clans, gaming stats, and the thing that we need, games server browser!

Link to XFIRE download page:

When you enter a server from XFIRE you don't get blocked by the game, and you are able to join any server!

Friday, May 29, 2009

CrossFire Review

Well, this one is my favorite from all the free MMOFPS games, the main reason is that you don't have time limit to your weapons, which means you can quit and come back any time, unlike the other MMOFPSs that you "rent your weapon" for dam high prices, thing that means that if you wont play 24/7 you wont be able to buy weapon again when you loose it.
Except that CrossFire got much more original gameplay except DM,TDM and bomb planting matches, it got also ghost mode, which is pretty much fun, one team are "ghosts" - when they dont move they are invisible and they use only knifes, thier goal is to plant a bomb and blow up a target, the other team aren't invisible but can use weapons, and need to stop the ghosts from blowing up the targets.
There is also DMs that can be limited to knifes/snipers and etc.

The graphics aren't great but they are just fine.
Overall in my opinion this is the finest free MMOFPS so far, mainly cause it won't make you play it so you won't loose your weapon and let you the freedom to leave when you want and come back when you want, FREEDOM!
And for the fun a montage I made. Check out the 1 headshot+ double headshot knife triple kill in the end!

Counter strike: source trick - flash bang kill

Well, it took me around 4 years of playing CS:S to see this thing in a real game,can't even remember if it was a real game or players who planned to do it, anyway the legend of flash bang kill is real!

YES! you can kill with flash bang grenade! you need to throw it on a player with only 1 hp, and you will see this legendary kill! but its extremely hard to preform, even if you try to do it with a friend, its hard to reach exactly 1 hp.

I've played a map that you start with 1 hp and getting flash bangs to throw at each other and preform flash bang kills, was kinda fun!

Runescape trick - fast and cheap pizza

Making pizza in runescape can be fun, but the problem it takes a lot of time to get what you need to make it, or can be kinda expensive if you buy from the marketplace, so it can be annoying to make.

So you must be wondering what is the trick?

There is a place in the wildness called bandit camp, so take no more then 3 items with you and 4 coins or more, you can find there an NPC called Fat Tony and he will sell you pizza base for 4 coins, in his house you will find tomato and cheese on the table, and a cooking range. Mix the base with the tomato and cheese and cook it on the cooking range, and here you got a pizza!

After some time you will run out of money for pizza bases, but it isn't a problem!
Just next to Fat Tony's place there is general store! It means after you making pizza you can sell it there. The first pizza will be sold for 110 coins! so you can make nice profit. Another way to get money is killing bandits.

Another thing is that in bandit camp there is small lake, you can take small net with you and try to fish some anchovies and add them later to your pizza!

So overall bandit camp is the ultimate place to make pizza!

X-COM Apocalypse Trick - Suicide Bombers

A trick I came up with.
Made a video showing it! :D

Postal 2 AW7 glitch - katana glitch

I made a video about this glitch!

MU trick - max zen

Well, this one is pretty much well known, but it wont harm to spread the word!

The trick is that when you reach the maximum amount of zen people can't buy items from your store, because you cant earn more zen so you are "out of space". Its very useful when you want to trade items for jewels, this way you can show that you really got the items, tell in your store title what do you want for them, ask people to PM you and do something or go AFK instead spamming the chat with your offer!

This trick is very common on private MU servers with high rates, like x5000 exp or higher, because earning zen is easy and you reach the limit (2,000,000,000 zen) very soon, and zen is useless so people trade with jewels.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Runescape tip - berries bushes

To me it took quite a while to find out that there is Redberry and Cadava bushes in the F2P world (only 2 of each in F2P) and at all. It can be pretty useful for making pies, and can be sold at the marketplace

You can find those bushes south east of Varrok, next to the mine, it isnt too useful but its good to know!

Runescape trick - Dwarven Stout

This is one of my favorite tricks in Runescape, the most funny part is that (at least in the F2P) almost no one know about it, even high levels!

OK, so you must be wondering what is the big fuss about?

Dwarven Stout is a drink that add +1 to smith level for few seconds, and every runescape player know that it takes a lot of time to level up smithing, so this drink is EXTREMELY useful for players with high level smithing!

Sounds good huh? Things get even better!
Where to buy:
You can buy Dwarven Stout at the bar in Falador, and for only 3 coins!
So here is a little trick that can save you time, Dwarven Stout!
Comment and let me what do you think about it!

here I am

OK, here I am, Opening a site...
So here I will give some tutorials, tricks and tips, guides, reviews, videos and more!
Could it get any better?! I guess not XD
I'm Yoni, right now I'm in a dormitory and able to get on a computer every 2 weeks for a weekend, so I will be able to update about every two weeks to month, sometimes even more.