Friday, August 13, 2010

PHP and Apache: How to fix the "missing php5apache2_2.dll"

So you got PHP and Apache and you are missing "php5apache2_2.dll".

The solution is simple, you downloaded the wrong PHP version and this is why you are missing "php5apache2_2.dll" .

according to, the "non thread safe" version doesn't have "php5apache2_2.dll".
Therefor you need to download the "thread safe" version and you will have "php5apache2_2.dll".
You can download it from (windows).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enemy Nations - For Free!

I remember I had this game when I was a little kid.
I found out that the creators of the game providing the game for free:

They ask in return a favor, to add the 2 following links:
I couldn't resist adding those links because of their kindness.

Friday, April 30, 2010


A beta version of a map I'm working on for Counter Strike: Source.
The idea of baserace maps came from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and only existed there till now.

I uploaded the map to FPSBANANA and MediaFire:


Some info about the map:
  • The base race idea originally came from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory map, and I created a version of it for Counter Strike: Source.

    in the game the team must steal the other team's flag (like capture the flag), bring it back to base an upgrade part of the base.
    I made 7 upgradable things with 3 upgrades each which are:
    front wall
    left wall
    right wall
    back wall
    medical center

    you must play this map with deathmatch mod.

    this is still a beta version an it may be laggy, there are few known bugs:
    -nades's damage can bypass upgraded walls.
    -the rain sound may not work on the second round.

    Also there is a twist with the gameplay, team members can pick up their on flag and carry it around (but can't upgrade their on base with it of course).

    lacking stuff that I'll add to later versions:
    -when one team upgrade all upgrades to the max, the other team dies (and the round is over).
    -fix bugs.
    make the flag to return to base when member of its own team touch it(only if the twist won't be liked).

Monday, April 19, 2010

CS:S Mod - ammocolor

A mod I made for Counter Strike: Source almost a year ago.
That mod is pretty much straightforward - the less ammo you got in your clip, the more red your gun becomes.


Enjoy ;D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Second life - Registration is unavailable at this time.

When I tried to register to second life I had this error: "Registration is unavailable at this time."
I searched fo
r a solution for this problem and didn't find any, till one time when I tried to register again and I saw this:

At the end of the address line there was written "error=UNVERIFIED_PAYER_ID".
Then I understood why I cant register, I have to verify my paypal account.
So if you had this kind of problem and didn't find any help, you may want to look at the address line.

I wonder why second life staff couldn't just put that massage in the page and save me and others a lot of trouble?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Algodoo demo time limit reset hack

If you have seen Algodoo, a physics simulator based on Phun, you would probably want to play it.
And if you want to play it you probably looked at the official site.
And if you looked at the official site you have seen that the full version cost money, and that there is a demo.
And if you have seen that there is a demo you would prabably download it.
And if you downloaded it you probably noticed there is a time limit.
And if you have seen the time limit you probably thought "there is any way to play Algodoo without a time limit and without paying money?".
And if so, yes there is!

I've made a little simple hack, that reset the demo's time limit.
All you have to do is to run it every time you want to reset the time limit!