Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CS:S - mod I've made, assassination

Well I've made this mod few weeks ago, and called it assassination
you can find it here:

there is a description in the link, but I'll add it to here too

assassination mod by yoni0505

each round a random player from each team picked to be the "target", and the targets names will be told in the chat.
each team must kill the opposite target to win the round or do objective like bomb or hostages.
when the "target" get killed, all of his team get killed too, so the team must protect the "target"!

well that's pretty much it, hope you will enjoy it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

MU guide - fighting with a summon

If you choose to be an energy elf, your ability to fight by yourself is limited, earning EXP usually based on parties, and you might find that summons are not very effective, because they always have to chase their targets and hardly manage to make them fight back because the monsters chase you.
so here I'll give you a tip how to fight using a summon.

First let's see what is the problem:
When you try to fight using a summon, you usually run away, the monster chase you, and your summon chase the monster. It looks like this:

summon -> monster -> you -> escape the monster

So your summon can't fight the monster, to give him chance to hit, and even make the monster fight him back all you need to do is to chase your summon and stay close to him.

summon -> monster -> you -> summon

The best way to make a monster fight back your summon is to make the monster go forward the summon and face him, to do that you need to stand behind your summon while the monster stand in front of him, this way your summon and the monster will go forward each other, your summon will attack and the monster fight back.

you - summon -><- monster

If you will do it this way you will see that even using the summon only to fight is a good way to earn EXP, also I think when your summon kills a monster by his own you earn 33% more exp!

It also recommended to buff your summon, it means that when you get stronger your summon get stronger too, so he won't be useless in higher levels.
Also things become easier when you get the soldier, because he got ranged attack, so it isn't suc a big deal to get him to attack monsters.

Hope you find it useful!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

X-COM tutorial - what is the best thing to manufacture and sell

I'm sure a lot of players manufacture items in X-COM to sell them and earn money, but do they manufacture the best item for selling? the one that makes the best profit?
Well, here I'll show how to find out what is the best item to make and sell!

To find out what is the best item to make and sell, you need to find out how much money you earn per hour you spend on manufacturing this item.
I've made an simple algorithm to calculate how much profit you make per hour of manufacturing a specific item
The algorithm is:
Selling Value - Cost To Produce
__________________________ = Profit Per Hour
Hours To Produce

just to make it shorter:
_______ = PPH

This way you can find out what is worth to make and sell, so far the best item i found in X-COM1 is laser cannon, here I'll show how I calculate the laser cannon's Profit Per Hour or PPH
SV = 211,000
CTP = 182,000
HTP = 300

Now when we got all the info we need:

211,00 - 182,000
______________ =

______ = 96.666

So the laser cannon PPH is 96.666! it means you earn 96.666$ per hour of engineer work, for example if you got 10 engineers working on laser cannon you earn 966.66$ per hour! Of course you will actually earn all the money after you will finish manufacturing the items and selling them.


MU tip - non-drop items

You might notice that when you can't drop items +5 from your inventory, only sell them. But this also apply in case of death, when you die you can't drop items +5 or higher, also excellent items can't be dropped from your inventory,about wings I already saw someone dropping wings +0 in case of death in private server, this tip is very useful when you got expensive set, or if you want to PK, so you won't loose anything when you die!
Also it's good to know that you may drop something only if you killed by a monster, guard, hero or a commoner.

GTA:SA trick - fast reload

This trick is very simple and useful, instead of waiting to reload when your weapon's clip is empty you can simply switch weapon and switch back again. When you switch to any other weapon your previous weapon's clip will become full again, so you don't have to reload.
This trick is common in the multiplayer, with dual sawn-off shotguns, because reloading them takes a while, so people shoot only 2 shots (out of 4) and then switch to some other weapon and back to sawn-off, this way they don't have to wait!

I hope you find it useful!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MU guide - party

Hello again! here I'll explain what is party and how to give it a GOOD USE!
OK, so party is a group of players, between 2 to 5 members in one party, when you are in party, you can see info about the other party members, health and coordinates, if the party member is in your range ( a bit more then your range of view) and if he is under Elf protection buff.
You can press "P" to open the party window.

The health you can see as a bars above your party members and at the top right corner of the screen, which tell you how much % of hp they got, if will show only 10's for example:100%, 90%, 80%, 40%...
You can also see the correct amount of hp of the party members if you open the party window, it will show correct HP/max HP.

You can see the party members coordinates at the party window, its hard to tell where they are using the coordinates, but you can use it to walk to their direction.

If a party member is out of your range witch is a bit more then your view, his name background at the top right corner of the screen will become red, and when he will get back in the range it will become gray again.

When an Elf give a protection buff to one of the party members, his name background at the top right corner of the screen will become green, when the buff is over it will become gray again.

The main reason for parties is the EXP share, when you are in party, when someone kill a monster the EXP shared between the party members, but the highest level get more EXP then others, and the lowest level get less EXP then others.
Also the party include DK, ELF, and DW, the party will earn EXP boost, here is a table of the EXP rates with DK+ELF+DW and without:


I'm not sure the rates are 100% correct but you get the idea. Also the rates may be different between servers.

The fact that the highest level get most EXP is very useful, it means that high level players can party with lower levels then them to earn more EXP, this way bought sides win, the low levels which usually stuck between strong monsters to weak monsters that give low EXP find joining a party with high level against strong monsters as a good way to earn EXP, and high levels which get low EXP from weaker monsters then them, and usually takes them a while to kill monsters in their own level find joining a party with low levels against weaker monsters then them that takes usually 3-4 hits to kill a fast way to earn EXP.

I hope you find it useful!

GTA:SA trick - more then one car in one garage

Hi there, I'm back after 2 weeks, ok here i'll explain how to put more then one car in one garage, it's very useful trick if you like to have a lot of vehicles, so lets start its very simple.

First you come with a car, you go near the garage until the door open up, then don't enter the gargae and exit your car, the car shall keep the garage's door open.

Next step is to enter the garage with a different car, because the first car holding the garage's door open, you should have no problem to enter many vehicles as you want, if you got the space.

The last step is after you enter all what you wanted inside the garage, you take the first car and if you like to keep it, enter the garage with her, and if you just took her to open the garage's door, take the car away from the garage and the door will close.

That's it, now you shall be able to fill your garage with cars, enjoy!