Friday, April 30, 2010


A beta version of a map I'm working on for Counter Strike: Source.
The idea of baserace maps came from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and only existed there till now.

I uploaded the map to FPSBANANA and MediaFire:


Some info about the map:
  • The base race idea originally came from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory map, and I created a version of it for Counter Strike: Source.

    in the game the team must steal the other team's flag (like capture the flag), bring it back to base an upgrade part of the base.
    I made 7 upgradable things with 3 upgrades each which are:
    front wall
    left wall
    right wall
    back wall
    medical center

    you must play this map with deathmatch mod.

    this is still a beta version an it may be laggy, there are few known bugs:
    -nades's damage can bypass upgraded walls.
    -the rain sound may not work on the second round.

    Also there is a twist with the gameplay, team members can pick up their on flag and carry it around (but can't upgrade their on base with it of course).

    lacking stuff that I'll add to later versions:
    -when one team upgrade all upgrades to the max, the other team dies (and the round is over).
    -fix bugs.
    make the flag to return to base when member of its own team touch it(only if the twist won't be liked).

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