Friday, June 12, 2009

MU guide - fighting with a summon

If you choose to be an energy elf, your ability to fight by yourself is limited, earning EXP usually based on parties, and you might find that summons are not very effective, because they always have to chase their targets and hardly manage to make them fight back because the monsters chase you.
so here I'll give you a tip how to fight using a summon.

First let's see what is the problem:
When you try to fight using a summon, you usually run away, the monster chase you, and your summon chase the monster. It looks like this:

summon -> monster -> you -> escape the monster

So your summon can't fight the monster, to give him chance to hit, and even make the monster fight him back all you need to do is to chase your summon and stay close to him.

summon -> monster -> you -> summon

The best way to make a monster fight back your summon is to make the monster go forward the summon and face him, to do that you need to stand behind your summon while the monster stand in front of him, this way your summon and the monster will go forward each other, your summon will attack and the monster fight back.

you - summon -><- monster

If you will do it this way you will see that even using the summon only to fight is a good way to earn EXP, also I think when your summon kills a monster by his own you earn 33% more exp!

It also recommended to buff your summon, it means that when you get stronger your summon get stronger too, so he won't be useless in higher levels.
Also things become easier when you get the soldier, because he got ranged attack, so it isn't suc a big deal to get him to attack monsters.

Hope you find it useful!

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