Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GTA:SA trick - more then one car in one garage

Hi there, I'm back after 2 weeks, ok here i'll explain how to put more then one car in one garage, it's very useful trick if you like to have a lot of vehicles, so lets start its very simple.

First you come with a car, you go near the garage until the door open up, then don't enter the gargae and exit your car, the car shall keep the garage's door open.

Next step is to enter the garage with a different car, because the first car holding the garage's door open, you should have no problem to enter many vehicles as you want, if you got the space.

The last step is after you enter all what you wanted inside the garage, you take the first car and if you like to keep it, enter the garage with her, and if you just took her to open the garage's door, take the car away from the garage and the door will close.

That's it, now you shall be able to fill your garage with cars, enjoy!

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