Sunday, February 28, 2010

Algodoo demo time limit reset hack

If you have seen Algodoo, a physics simulator based on Phun, you would probably want to play it.
And if you want to play it you probably looked at the official site.
And if you looked at the official site you have seen that the full version cost money, and that there is a demo.
And if you have seen that there is a demo you would prabably download it.
And if you downloaded it you probably noticed there is a time limit.
And if you have seen the time limit you probably thought "there is any way to play Algodoo without a time limit and without paying money?".
And if so, yes there is!

I've made a little simple hack, that reset the demo's time limit.
All you have to do is to run it every time you want to reset the time limit!