Friday, June 10, 2011

America's Army 3.1 Released!

After long waiting, the update many of the America's Army 3 players were waiting for was released at 9.6.2011.

If you ask me America's Army 3 had lack of content.
Before the update it had only 5 maps - Ally, Bridge, Impact, Ranch, and Pipeline.
And this updates includes 2 new maps - ShantyTown and Stronghold.
It will be great improvement for the game.

Here's the article on America's Army's site:

If you haven't played yet America's Army 3, I would recommend you to try it.
And if you do here's a tip:
Don't give up! America's Army 3 is a difficult game, specially for beginners.
And take your time to aim, you will miss every single bullet unless you aim properly!

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