Friday, June 10, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever - First Look

First of all I must say I'm disappointed.
After I viewed the 2001 trailer and the recent trailer I was expecting fast paced hardcore action game.
Well, by videos I've seen on YouTube it isn't. it is far, far away from being such a thing.

First of all is the health system, it's a god mode.
Your EGO (health) regenerates after a short while, and when it runs empty you go on a red bar that seems to never end, and it regenerates too.
I've seen players on youtube getting raped and not dying, being blasted by bosses, being shot by multiple enemies and simply regenerate.
Back when I played Duke Nukem 3D it was enough to meet a pigman after you carelessly jump into a corner to make you look for medkit.

This also bring another issue I have with this game, the AI.
It seems way to easy to fight. I was expecting some badass enemies that are capable to rip you to pieces unless you have the guts to charge at them. They are stationary targets. This is not the challenge I was hoping for.

And what's with the babes bullshit? they took it way too far then what it was meant to be by making it the main idea.
They targeted some 13 years old kids? I was expecting strippers and hookers but not "Hey! These are my babes!". Come on it's an immature joke.
Also in Duken Nukem Forever, Duke's punchlines sucks, seriously.

Also do not mistake, the original Duke Nukem games were made by 3D Realms. 3D Realms staff was fired back in 2007 for taking their time on Duke Nukem Forever.
Although this game carries the Duke Nukem's title, it wasn't made with the same spirit.
The original goal of 3D Realms was to make games for adults, do what they want to see in their games as adults.
When Gearbox (the developers of Duke Nukem Forever) tried to understand what it means they got it wrong.
It isn't about "saving babes" like they did. If you look back in Duke Nukem 3D it was about paying strippers to show their boobs, and then blowing them up for the lulz.

The only thing that is good about this game is the graphics, and graphics without good gameplay is worthless.
This game is almost casual by my terms, it's noob friendly with this god mode regeneration thing, this is not Duke Nukem.
If you want to play a real Duke Nukem game get Duke Nukem 3D.

And for compression here's a video of the 2001 trailer, looks fantastically awesome.
The original Duke Nukem theme, the original development team (3D Realms), the real stuff:

The Duke Nukem Forever 2011 trailer, looks good:

And Duke Nukem Forever gameplay video, dude getting raped several times, boring gameplay. After all, it's harder to die then getting killed so there is no thrill in the battles:


  1. I have to agree with you. It seems GearBox took the game down the route of Halo - similar health regeneration mechanism, similar weapon constraints (can only carry two weapons), similar vehicle deal. I didn't want another Halo, I wanted another Duke Nukem game.

  2. What happened to "balls of steel?" What happened to "eat shit and die?" What the dick? At least it doesn't try to affect your mind like polybius.......or does it? :/