Friday, May 29, 2009

CrossFire Review

Well, this one is my favorite from all the free MMOFPS games, the main reason is that you don't have time limit to your weapons, which means you can quit and come back any time, unlike the other MMOFPSs that you "rent your weapon" for dam high prices, thing that means that if you wont play 24/7 you wont be able to buy weapon again when you loose it.
Except that CrossFire got much more original gameplay except DM,TDM and bomb planting matches, it got also ghost mode, which is pretty much fun, one team are "ghosts" - when they dont move they are invisible and they use only knifes, thier goal is to plant a bomb and blow up a target, the other team aren't invisible but can use weapons, and need to stop the ghosts from blowing up the targets.
There is also DMs that can be limited to knifes/snipers and etc.

The graphics aren't great but they are just fine.
Overall in my opinion this is the finest free MMOFPS so far, mainly cause it won't make you play it so you won't loose your weapon and let you the freedom to leave when you want and come back when you want, FREEDOM!
And for the fun a montage I made. Check out the 1 headshot+ double headshot knife triple kill in the end!

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