Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aliens VS predator 2 tutorial - multiplayer bypass

This tutorial is outdated. Here's an updated working tutorial:
Aliens Vs. Predator 2 - How To Play Multiplayer Using "Project Savior"

To play AVP2 multiplayer you need serial key. If you downloaded the game AVP2 and didn't bought it you wont have one, and the serials you can find on the internet are banned or taken. But there is still a way to play the multiplayer without buying the game!

Sierra shut down master servers for some games including AVP2's. (article about it)
Don't worry! There is a solution!
A mod called "Project Savior" that provide alternative master server!
You can find it on ModDB here:

Patch your game to the latest verion, it won't harm.

You will need to enter serial, it doesn't matter if its taken or banned.
Here is a list of serials that you can use:

After you enter one of the serials in the game, the next step is to download a program called XFIRE, this is gaming program, include chat, voice chat, game recording, clans, gaming stats, and the thing that we need, games server browser!

Link to XFIRE download page:

When you enter a server from XFIRE you don't get blocked by the game, and you are able to join any server!


  1. are you sure that way it works? i thought they closed avp servers. and do you need lastest patch?

  2. please answer!!


  3. i have the game, i updated i went to key and i putted one of yours but whn i try to connect with XFIRE it detects servers but then in the game, it says: want to launch with gmaspy settings? and if i select no, it stops, and if i select yes it keeps going but tells me that the conection to internet is failed cause couldnt connect to server and couldnt check if my game was updated

    jimykx.pls answer

  4. oh hi jumy, sorry i wasn't here for a while.
    well it seem that the bypass is working.
    when it ask you to launch with gamespy you need to choose yes, about the connection problem im not sure.
    try to make sure your game is updated, i remember when I wanted to play online I had to update to the latest version, it isn't a problem cause there is auto updater with the game.
    if it ain't helping try to check things like firewall and ports. I don't know that problem so I can't really help...

  5. yeh i have same problem as the guy above u yoni. I did all that it said to do on this website including updates but when i click to join one of the xfire servers it takes me into the game and trys to verify the code which ends up not working X( plz help anyone who can!

  6. Hello there.
    You said it's trying to verify the code, what kind of code?
    Maybe it's the serial code? make sure you entered by trying to enter the game's browser, it will ask for one.
    If you get an error try to google it. You may find some forum with the problem's solution.
    Another option is that you get disconnected. It may be a laggy server or connection problems.
    Well I hope it will help you!

  7. for me it just comes the internet may be down or what the fuck it says, but does anyone knows about some maps wich ur a facehugger? i like that maps.

    But when im trying to set a map into my command stuff, none is coming im taking the "rez" file into my avp2 folder
    take the option : -rez ent.rez and its a rez file but the map in custom dont shows up

  8. To play as a face hugger you need to connect a server with alien life-cycle ON. Really fun...

  9. Yay! I can finally play it again in multiplayer!

    I thank you, from the bottom of my gamer-heart! :D