Friday, May 29, 2009

Runescape trick - fast and cheap pizza

Making pizza in runescape can be fun, but the problem it takes a lot of time to get what you need to make it, or can be kinda expensive if you buy from the marketplace, so it can be annoying to make.

So you must be wondering what is the trick?

There is a place in the wildness called bandit camp, so take no more then 3 items with you and 4 coins or more, you can find there an NPC called Fat Tony and he will sell you pizza base for 4 coins, in his house you will find tomato and cheese on the table, and a cooking range. Mix the base with the tomato and cheese and cook it on the cooking range, and here you got a pizza!

After some time you will run out of money for pizza bases, but it isn't a problem!
Just next to Fat Tony's place there is general store! It means after you making pizza you can sell it there. The first pizza will be sold for 110 coins! so you can make nice profit. Another way to get money is killing bandits.

Another thing is that in bandit camp there is small lake, you can take small net with you and try to fish some anchovies and add them later to your pizza!

So overall bandit camp is the ultimate place to make pizza!

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  1. Thanks.its very usefull.
    Also almost free pizza base and fast[in G.E it takes time till someone sells pizza base]
    Also free tomatos and cheese.
    And even a profit,and cooking exp.