Thursday, May 28, 2009

Runescape trick - Dwarven Stout

This is one of my favorite tricks in Runescape, the most funny part is that (at least in the F2P) almost no one know about it, even high levels!

OK, so you must be wondering what is the big fuss about?

Dwarven Stout is a drink that add +1 to smith level for few seconds, and every runescape player know that it takes a lot of time to level up smithing, so this drink is EXTREMELY useful for players with high level smithing!

Sounds good huh? Things get even better!
Where to buy:
You can buy Dwarven Stout at the bar in Falador, and for only 3 coins!
So here is a little trick that can save you time, Dwarven Stout!
Comment and let me what do you think about it!